Drawing 2021-2022

Under the TAP Teacher Artist Partnership our school secured the services of an artist who taught drawing on Mondays for 20 weeks this year.

Our artist, Carol used a range of media such as graphite sticks/dust, paint, printer’s ink and water colours. She gave our students the opportunity to use some beautifully crafted paintbrushes made from a variety of natural materials [see photos below].

Our two junior classes look forward to their drawing classes on Monday. Some of their comments are as follows:

‘’I loved it all’’

‘’She is one of the best teachers ever’’

‘’She should have been the art teacher from the beginning’’

‘’I like the art’’

‘’Carol is amazing the way she comes up with ideas’’

‘’I like the art’’

‘’She is a lovely woman’’

“I love the way she hung our drawings on the walls in the School”

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