Class Oak 2023 - 2024

We are a class of six students : Subomi, Kate, Lydia, Skye, Gabby and Klaudia. Our teacher's name is Maryanne, Stella and Katie are our SNA's. We also have two PA's in the room Cami and Grace. We are all great friends in Class Oak and love helping each other to learn. We respect one another and value our differences!

Our favourite things to do: sharing and listening to each others news each morning, playing both inside and outside together, visiting the CVI room, creating funny stories, singing songs and art! Lydia's favourite thing to do in school is playing outside, Klaudia loves playing with the ball, Kate loves painting with her hands and some shaving foam. Subomi loves chilling out in his tent. Skye loves playing with her friends and when we use the whiteboard. Gabby loves playing chase with her friends.

We love learning and are always practicing our skills of sharing and turn taking. We love exploring our monthly themes through art, music and play.

14th December Movie day with hot chocolate and marshmallows in classrooms.

15th December Visiting Santa’s Grotto (More details to follow)

Christmas dress up week (jumper, hair ornaments, Xmas colours, etc) 18th-22nd December.

School closing 22nd of December - Half Day

Some of our Art work with Declan.

Music Generation

Music Is What We Do