Class Snowdrop

The children in Class Snowdrop are a special group.
We love learning and exercising our brains in many, many ways!

We enjoy learning through songs, music, play, fun activities, computer tasks and of coarse loads of practice. We enjoy sharing stories, smiles and laughs. We love engaging in arts and crafts and new challenges! We respect one another and love listening and interacting with one another.

Our Class Moto is
"You always TRY!"

We love school and having fun, each and every day!

Want to get in contact with our teacher/class?
Please feel free to email :

Want to sample some of our fun activities?

Check out our Padlet to see our songs and some of the activities we have done and are doing for the month of November.

We use the Jolly phonics program to learn and explore all our fantastic sounds. The songs can be found on youtube. We also use Teach your Monster to read to practice our sounds. For maths we all do different things but we love singing songs like the ones in our padlet!!

We do lots of different activities to grow our maths brains. We love the games on this site to reinforce learning and practice our new skills. We each have our own log ins. We can also practice our sounds and other things on this fantastic website.

November Theme

For the month of November we are doing the themes of Winter, I am what I am and people in our community!

Check out our Padlet for more information and examples!

We have also welcomed a new boy to our class this month and we are loving having him join in on all our fun! We love that we have had the opportunity to make a new friend and expand our special circle!

September has been a busy month filled with new beginners, new friendships, laughter and of coarse lets not forget lots of fun and learning. We have began to explore our two themes for September & October. We have become familiar with our class rules and expectations to ensure maximum fun and growth for everyone. Check us out doing some of the amazing activities we have done this year so far.

Music Generation

Music Is What We Do