Hello Everyone!
Welcome to the Daffodil Class of 2020/2021!

We are all so excited to be back and are ready to learn. We will be focusing on how to feel safe in our new surroundings, and adjusting to our new school life as well as learning lots of fun new things!
If you ever need anything please feel free to let me know.
I am looking forward to getting to know you all this year.

Work Completed


This year we will be eating in our classroom. We will wash our hands before  and after we eat our food and our tables will be sanitised too. Please ensure that you supply cutlery if your child needs this for their lunch. Thank you.


As a music lover along with many of our “Daffodillers”. We will be so lucky to have Oran visit our class for lessons this year. The class have already had one session with Oran and loved it! They learned all about recording studios and equipment like the ones in the pictures down below.

News time!

Every morning in the Daffodil Class, we get the opportunity to share our news with each other. If you ever have any images you want the class to see feel free to email them onto me and we will show the class.

Also, we love to watch News2Day in school. The children find it interesting to see what is happening in the world around them. Here is the link to the show if you would like to recap the news with your child. https://trte.rte.ie/news2day/

Bike Week 2020 

(21/09/2020 – 25/09/2020)

“I can use my wheelchair as good as a bike”

This week is Bike Week and as a class we will be exploring the various things we can do as a class. One of these things is testing our new path in front of the school. We have compiled a list of issues that could arise and will be testing this out. We will post pictures when we are done.


Every day, we at the Daffodil class like to watch News2Day. It is a fun, child friendly way to learn about what is happening around the world with a particular focus on Irish news. Each week there is a question of the week asked and you are asked to submit your answer/question. This week we were asked to submit questions to Dr. Glynn which we did. On Wednesday night’s News2Day our question was aired on TV! The class are so excited about this and we cannot wait to hear the answer.

Please find the link to the ‘special’ show here. (it happens around the 7 minute mark)


Morning Routine

Every morning we like to sing a few songs to get warmed up and remind ourselves of the important information such as; the days of the week, the months of the year, the seasons and the weather. Down below I have included our favourite video currently but I will also include the links for the YouTube channels we usually use for these songs.




The Class have really enjoyed completing Art Activities in school over the past two weeks. We recently completed some Daffodil art which is on our home page but we have also completed other activities which will be added below as the weeks progress.

Birthday Time!!

Yesterday was Isaac’s birthday! He is now the big 13 years old! Happy Birthday Isaac we all hope you had a lovely day!