Home Economics

Home Economics

Baking, making and all things creative!!

Ms. O Leary is the Home-Economics Teacher. As well as preparing for exams, students learn how to cook, be safe in home, care for the home and general life skills. The Home-Economics class is aimed at providing practical , personal and social skills to the children in the school .

Reminder 1

Pancakes Tuesday


No need to buy batter in supermarket

Here’s a nice recipe that  you might like to use.

Reminder 2

Life Skills in Home Economics

Matching activity for   Laundry Symbols

Busy Doing the Landry

Students Learn  Life Skill and how to manage the home

Let’s get crafty with nature and leaves

  • We are so inspired by the seasons.
  • Autumn is the perfect time to do some  leaf rubbings and decorate trees.


Mother's Day and Patrick's Day Crafts

Student’s  made  their crafts  by reusing and recycling  materials

Choose Your Healthy Breakfast

After a night’s sleep you need fuel – a good breakfast to prepare you for the day ahead.

Students were learning  all about  choosing a healthy breakfast .

Having a good breakfast helps to fill you up and  feel satisfied  . This prevents snacking on  sugary foods throughout the day

Setting the Breakfast Table

Science Week in Home Economics

Students learned all about Kitchen Chemistry.  They learned about

1.Surface tension in Tie – Dye Milk

2.Sink or Swim – How different liquids have different densities

3.They saw the magic of how plastic can be pierced with pencils and still not leak

4.They made a volcano to see how raising agents work

  • Choosing and Designing a Home
  • Students are learning all about Choosing and Designing a Home.
  • Firstly, they examined the different types of houses in Ireland, then they looked at houses from around the world and how they are made to suit  the climate of that country.
  • Currently we are looking at the importance of the work triangle and lighting in the kitchen to add atmosphere and brightness.
  • To familiarise themselves with lots of key words, they are putting all their work in a scrap book.
Music Generation

Music Is What We Do