September 2015 Miss Hourihan’s Class Blog

In September we were learning about old and new buildings.1CH

We talked about what our homes look like and then looked at a variety of different types of homes. We talked about the similarities and differences to homes around the world and then created our favourite home.


Our big Topic this year is Caring for Animals. We are focusing on dogs. Using our knowledge of homes from around the world, we found out where a dog lives and created our favourite home for a dog to sleep. 



October 2015 Miss Hourihan’s Class Blog


In October we had lots of fun decorating our classroom for Halloween. We made spiders, webs, pumpkins, bats, ghosts and lanterns. 




November 2015 Miss Hourihan’s Class Blog

In November we learned all about jobs.4CH

We decided what job we would like to do and also where we would work.
We also thought of jobs that are in the community and made a map to show where they are.5CH


We had lots of fun working with the primary colours.6CH

We also mixed them to make new colours to add to our rainbow



December 2015 Miss Hourihan’s Class Blog

In December we had lots of fun learning about healthy eating. We were able to plan meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then we decided if we had a balanced and healthy diet. We found out using the food pyramid that the food we chose were healthy. We also made doggy treats and had lots of fun. 10CH

In Art we chose a colour and added some white to it. We then got the same colour and added black to it. We also used black sugar paper to make an object. Can you guess what the pictures are of? We made some beautiful pictures that we are very proud of.11CH






13CH14CH15CHJanuary 2016 Miss Hourihan’s Class Blog

In January we learned all about day and night. We also learned about a variety of light sources. Using this knowledge we made a picture at day with the sun as the main source of light. Then using chalk we made a picture at night with lights. We had lots of fun! 16CH
We learned that the sun is the main source of light. All light will travel in straight lines.



Sometimes the light is blocked by an object and forms a shadow. Look at our shadow pictures. We had so much fun using the chalk for Science, we created our own unique masterpieces


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