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Maths Week 2017

Maths Week 2017

Once again Maths Week was a great success with our students’. Maths took on a whole new element of fun for our students when we explored the benefit of ‘Games’ in reinforcing maths concepts.

We were very fortunate to work collaboratively with a number of our transition year students who happen to be on placement during Maths Week.

They participated in various maths activities designed to make Maths ‘FUN FOR ALL” Students enjoyed playing traditional board/card games such as ‘Snakes & Ladders/Ludo/Snap’ etc to reinforce various aspects of number.

We also downloaded some ‘Bingo Games’ which explores colour, shape & money. We also investigated some recommended interactive games on such websites as Topmarks, Seomra Ranga & Scoilnet.

It was a very enjoyable week for all as it brought the fun element back to Maths.

Here is a little taste of what happened in our school during Maths Week.


maths week presentation A


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