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Baking, making and all things creative!!

Ms. O Leary is the Home-Economics Teacher. As well as preparing for exams, students learn how to cook, be safe in home, care for the home and general life skills. The Home-Economics class is aimed at providing practical , personal and social skills to the children in the school .

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Let’s get crafty with nature and leaves

  • We are so inspired by the seasons.
  • Autumn is the perfect time to do some  leaf rubbings and decorate trees.


Choose Your Healthy Breakfast

After a night’s sleep you need fuel – a good breakfast to prepare you for the day ahead.

Students were learning  all about  choosing a healthy breakfast .

Having a good breakfast helps to fill you up and  feel satisfied  . This prevents snacking on  sugary foods throughout the day

Setting the Breakfast Table

  • Choosing and Designing a Home
  • Students are learning all about Choosing and Designing a Home.
  • Firstly, they examined the different types of houses in Ireland, then they looked at houses from around the world and how they are made to suit  the climate of that country.
  • Currently we are looking at the importance of the work triangle and lighting in the kitchen to add atmosphere and brightness.
  • To familiarise themselves with lots of key words, they are putting all their work in a scrap book.
Music Generation

Music Is What We Do