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Home Economics


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Baking, making and all things creative!!

Ms. O Leary is the Home-Economics Teacher. As well as preparing for exams, students learn how to cook, be safe in home, care for the home and general life skills. The Home-Economics class is aimed at providing practical , personal and social skills to the children in the school .

Welcome Back

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.
This year we will be focussing on learning lots of new things. We will also be making and baking lots of fun things.

Choosing and Designing a Home

  • Students are learning all about Choosing and Designing a Home.
  • Firstly, they examined the different types of houses in Ireland, then they looked at houses from around the world and how they are made to suit the climate of that country.
  • Currently we are looking at the importance of the work triangle  and lighting in the kitchen
  • To familiarise themselves with lots of key words, they are putting all their work in a scrap book.


Music Generation

Music Is What We Do