Work Experience & Community Links

Work Experience

We welcome work experience students from a range of second and third level Colleges.  Places fill quickly and we ask that all prospective students write in to the Principal, School of the Divine Child stating the name of their institution and course they are following and include dates for which they are available.

Second level students are facilitated between 9.20am and 1pm and we expect those students to join in in sports, music and class activities.

At third level we tailor the placement to suit the course concerned.  Prospective Teachers and SNAs are asked to give more detail of course requirements and supervision in their letter of application.

We regret that we cannot process phone applications at all.

Community Links

The School of the Divine Child is situated in the centre of Ballintemple village Cork for over 50 years.  The village is a vibrant hub of activity and we are well known to the residents and businesses in the area.  Our students use the Post Office, Bank and Shops.  A student project in the 1990s resulted in the AIB agreeing to a change to Banklink so it is now wheelchair accessible.  In the early part of this century Bus Eireann increased the size of the bus stop near the School so that wheelchair users could be accommodated.  We were prize winners in FIS (Film in School’s project) for our film about cleaning up the Atlantic Pond.  Over the years we regularly visited the Showgrounds and Pairc Ui Chaoimh and look forward to the new development in that area.  In addition, we have received a wealth of support from a wide variety of businesses in our area.

Soroptimist International (Cork)

The Cork branch of Soroptimist International is a friend of the School for almost 50 years.  In the early days, they provided help in setting up a specialised play area for children and in the past 20 years have made regular contributions to School fundraising and are instrumental in providing us with an injection of funds when purchasing SoundBeam music and other technology, ball pool, multisensory equipment, garden swings and more.

Playground  BallPool

Officers of Cork Prison

For over 25 years the officers working in Cork Prison have made contributions to a social fund and out of this they provide a Christmas party complete with Santa and gifts each year.  The party is a highlight of the School Year and the musicians include us when performing onstage.

PO3  PO1

PO4  PO2


The Summer of 2012 will be remembered in Cork as the worst in 50 years, but the management and staff of Mainport decided to bring some sunshine into the school days of the pupils and staff of our School.  Mainport are our neighbours in Monahan road with a belief in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) where they add some skill or value to a project that will make a difference.
The School of the Divine Child was built in 1969, a special school for children with physical and multiple disabilities. The architects involved created a quad in the centre of the building which is used as the outdoor play area. There was a rockery here which had become overgrown and unsafe and therefore the place was seldom used by our students.

During the summer with the help and expertise of John Butler Landscaping, Mainport built a multipurpose maze and sensory garden in the quad.  Now pupils can propel wheelchairs, walk around or just sit and admire this wonderful space where they can touch, smell and water the plants and enjoy the outdoors in a safe environment. A special play area to one side is home to noughts and crosses, boccia and beanbag throw and a special seat can be used to relax but with the help of a desk or two this can become an outdoor classroom when weather will permit.

Our students loved meeting the staff from Mainport and were really made feel part of the project.

Rockery2  Rockery4

Rockery5  Rockery6

Rockery1  Rockery3

SR Technics

Another company with a sense of Corporate Social Responsibility is SR Technics – our neighbours in Mahon.  The Social Committee regularly appear for parties and again bring Christmas presents to all of the students in our School.  In addition, the staff and company organised a fundraising campaign and provided us with 12 iPADs which of course are used daily by our students.

SR3  SR1

SR2  SR4


2014 marked the 18th Community Partnership Day for Novartis. Across the globe an estimated 19,000 associates, across 55 different countries are anticipated to have taken part. Here in Cork a team of helpers arrived in to our School to help ‘refresh the School’.  Trees and bushes were removed, walls were painted, defunct cookers were removed and shelving was replaced.  In addition, we received a present of three raised beds and the Novartis crew placed a range of new plants into our Sensory Garden. We had such fun as each team wanted to know if they were better than the other groups.  Of course, we told them all they were the best!
Thank you John and all the ‘Clean Team’.

Novartis1  Novartis2

Novartis3  Novartis4

Novartis5  Novartis6

Ashton Transition Year Students

Each year students in Transition year in Ashton raise money for community groups. Over the years these students have assisted us with funding towards multisensory equipment and music technology.

Ashton2    Ashton1

Music Generation

Music Generation is Ireland’s National Music Education Programme. It provides funding and support to Local Music Education Partnerships in order that children may access music education in their own locality.  In Cork we have been selected to work with SoundOut and our students are learning to play piano, guitar, saxophone, drums, iPADS, soundbeam music technology, magic flute and voice.  We have performed onstage in Cork Opera House, Triskel Arts Centre, City Hall, Terence McSwiney College, Blarney St. BNS and Douglas Community School

CIT Cork School of Music

The School has strong links with CIT Cork School of Music and each year students from there perform in our School as part of their assessment in Community Music. Following their performance each year Edel O Sullivan leads an interactive workshop with our CITSM and SDC students.  CIT Students Union also supports the work of our school.



Links with other Schools

Over the years we have been involved in a wide range of shared learning experiences and have performed with students from the following Schools:

  Douglas Community School


  Blarney BNS

  Terence McSwiney College

  Colaiste Daibheid

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